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A Full Service Digital Media Production Company

Here at Arora we aim to create dynamic, immersive content. Driven by the story you need to tell, presented so your viewers are invested enough to watch all the way through.

Whether it's a product commercial, company culture piece, internal training, client testimonial, branded content, or mini-documentary big name brands trust us to get it done.

Hit us up and let us know how we can help you.

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LinkedIn had an amazing fledgling video production department, but when they needed to create a high-end commercial series traveling across the country to interview Hersey's Department heads and the Governor of Hawaii, they trusted us to get it done.



Branded content is one of the most successful ways of getting your product or company recognized without having to subject an audience to a traditional advert. We produced a multi-episode series for Heineken to air on ESPN as part of the El Classico - Real Madrid vs Barcelone FC event in Miami.


Zuora is the world's leading monetization platform. Over the last 4 years, we've created commercials, episodical shows, live event coverage & streaming, animated explainers, social content, and everything in between. 

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Adobe Workfront

After acquiring Workfront, Adobe needed content to help launch the product.

Our animation and video teams created mixed media content to help tell stories from the perspective of several user types showing how Adobe Workfront was more streamlined and efficient than ever.

LinkedIn Customer Story - The State of Hawaii

LinkedIn Customer Story - Hershey

Zuora Business Accelerator - The Telegraph

Zuora Business Accelerator - Schnider Electric

Adobe Workfront - For Marketing

Adobe Workfront - For Content Curators

Subscriptions Explained - Why Disney Launched A Streaming Service

Subscriptions Explained - Why Microsoft Swallowed The Fish

Subscriptions Explained - How Cars Are Turning Into Services

JUST Power Gari

This is how we make JUST Egg.

JUUL Testimonial - Nora

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We’re a team of professionals who love what we do and have an undying passion for video production.
From pre-production services all the way through editing, we do everything in our power to create outstanding, award-winning videos and films for our clients. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.

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Some of the clients we've been fortunate enough to work with.

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Like what you see?


We have teams based Stateside and internationally.

  Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, New York and Miami.

S.Korea, Taiwan, Japan, England, Mexico & the Caribean.

Get in touch to have the Arora team produce your next content series.

We'll get right back to you!

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